Sunday, December 21, 2008

Race Results and Report

Six Inch Track Trail Race – 21/12/08 (WA)

1. Craig Dufty – 3:36.24*
2. David Kennedy – 3:39.28
3. Craig Berg – 3:57.46
4. Nathan Fawkes – 4:00.34
5. Bernadette Benson (1st F) – 4:41.48*
6. Sean Cooper – 4:43.57
7. Steve McGrath – 5:06.22
8. Rob Donkersloot – 5:09.50
8. Roy Hart – 5:09.50
10. John Nuttall – 5:20.30
11. Suzy Thomas (2nd F) – 5:32.10
12. Mark Bullard – 5:32.40
13. Phil Dufty – 5:41.35
14. Dave Croghan – 5:56.21
14. Jason O’Hanlan – 5:56.21
16. Lyndie Beil (3rd F) – 6:08.27
17. Ursula Marti (4th F) – 6:10.28
17. Christian Marti – 6:10.28
19. Kirstin Doust (5th F) – 6:10.59
20. John Phillips – 7:00.57
* Indicates New Course Record

The 4th running of the Six Inch 46k trail run saw a surge of interest with 20 runners toeing the start line. Despite complications with gaining official approval, the race went ahead “fat-ass” style. The timing of the race saw runners from Ireland, Canada, US and Switzerland in Perth visiting family and friends joining in the festivities.

It was a perfect weather for running, overcast, cool with a 24 degree maximum. The race starts with a run up Goldmine hill, climbing about 220mtrs in the first 2k! Dave Kennedy set the early pace with a 1km split of 5:40 and then continuing on reaching halfway in 1.43, Craig Dufty was just 10 seconds behind in 2nd. Dufty pulled away over the next 12K arriving at the second drink station (35k) 3 minutes ahead of Dave. Craig held on over the final 11k and won in a new course record of 3:36.24. Dave was a further 3 minutes back finishing in 3:39.28 (also breaking the old course record).

The race for 3rd and 4th was another interesting battle with Craig Berg finishing in 3:57.46 (a huge PB) less than 3 minutes in front of Nathan Fawkes, who narrowly missed the a sub 4hr time, finishing in 4:00.34. Bernadette Benson was a comprehensive winner in the female race finishing in 4:41.48, smashing the female course record by well over an hour and finishing 5th overall. Runners continued to come in over the next few hours despite a few ‘navigational miscalculations’ and the food, champagne and company made for a beautiful afternoon in Dwellingup.

Big thanks to Trent, Kate, Julie and Sal for helping out on the day with logistics and a big congrats to all the competitors..

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trailblazer777 said...

thanks for getting all this online quickly. the photos are excellent too although it took me 24 hours to realise there was 84 instead of just 1. Very sneaky...If this year is any indication 6 inch has a very bright future, definetly a groundbreaking year this one thats for sure. The records are not so soft now either, it will be much harder to lower them now. Hope we can build on this and take this thing to yet a higher level. the flow on to running in this state is already starting to become apparent...